Hello Cello Series 1

Embark on the wonderful journey of learning the cello. I am so pleased to be your guide. In this series you will learn everything that you need to know about the cello.


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Hello …  You had me at Cello!

This course was created with the  NOVICE  in mind. 

Hello Cello Series 1 emphasizes the basic skills you build all of your future technique on.  It was with the importance of this in mind that I walk you through all of these skills carefully, sequentially and in great detail.  Using imagery, the principles laid out in these videos has been extremely effective with adults and children alike, in my mind the course is suitable for both. The main difference being, is that a child, especially the very young, might take 10 months to learn these lessons and an adult as short as a few weeks.

Inside Hello Cello Series 1 I will teach you to:

  • How to hold the cello with ease and relaxation so that your arms are able to move freely and effectively.
  • How to hold the bow with balance and support, and maintain a ‘straight’ bow on the string in the correct place for the best sound.
  • How to position the left hand with curved and supple fingers with support from the arm and back muscles so that your fingers may move freely.
  • How to execute string crossings with both the bow arm and the left arm.
  • How to tune your cello and develop your ear … and finally,
  • How to coordinate the 2 hands together and play Twinkle Twinkle with 4 of the most used bowing patterns in Baroque music.  Familiarity with these patterns will serve you well in the  execution of much music in the future with ease and confidence.

The 40 videos in the Hello Cello Series 1 covers all the basic skills you need to play cello.  Learning these skills correctly will eliminate many future issues.

To preview a few samples of these videos, please go to the Cello Girl’s Academy page.

If you are an experienced beginner cellist and wish to compare your current technique and learning against the ideas in Series 1, then Series 1 still may be for you.  However if you feel your technique is beyond Series 1, please check out the offerings in Hello Cello Series 2.

To your future cello success,


“Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me.” – Walt Witman