I Luv Cello Program

Where Aspiring Cellists Tune In!

I Luv Cello provides a more structured approach to learning the cello. Each course contains multiple lessons through which you can proceed at your own rate. New courses are being offered all the time.

This program, developed by Christine Williams an expert teacher with many years of experience, was carefully designed as a result of teaching hundreds of students.  The teaching / learning process has been refined to one of simplicity and success.

In the I Luv Cello program Christine will teach you:

  • excellent technique
  • perfect posture
  • left and right hand skills
  • wonderful practice skills *

* Learning how to practice is indeed a skill in itself.  Christine will guide you through the process of developing YOUR approach to practicing.

Encompassing these skills you will be able to play with a beautiful tone, ease and enjoyment,, giving you the freedom to express yourself through music.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.George Bernard Shaw

Benefits of Online Learning

Access to Teachers

Often location can determine what one can and cannot do. One of the biggest reasons for Online Learning everyone can have access to a qualified, reputable teacher from the comfort of your own home ~ regardless of where they live.

Lower Costs

One happy benefit of online lessons is the cost. Quality 1-on-1 lessons can range from $80 to $100 / hour making taking music lessons affordable to only some people. On Line Learning is a fraction of the cost, thereby making it an accessible and a affordable solution.

Time Commitment

Another delightful benefit to online lessons is the lack of travel time. Students can travel an hour or more to their lessons making their lessons day a 3 hour commitment.  With no travel time you get more ‘day’ for other activities or to devote to practice.  Time is, as they say, very precious!

Schedule Flexibility

The cool thing about online learning is it lets you set a schedule that works best for you. You can fit your lessons in whenever you like – if your schedule changes so can your lesson time. This type of flexibility is simply not possible taking one-on-one lessons.

How It Works

Making the complicated … simple!  I have found this to be hugely successful in my studio and think you will find the same.
Once you have access to the video you can repeat them as many times as necessary until you have mastered the lesson.


HD Videos

All course videos are shot using three different camera angles and are professionally edited to focus on the most important content of the lessons. For example if the lesson is mainly on the left hand techniques, that is what you will see.


Time Released

Access to each lesson within a course has be predetermined to allow you the time to master the content of one lesson before moving on to the next skill.  Often times we are not aware of how much time to give to developing a certain skill..


Logical Sequence

All lessons are presented in a logical and sequential manner so progressing fees natural and easy.  It is for this reason I strongly recommend progressing through the course material in order.



Concepts are presented in an easy to understand format often using analogies and stores to get the points across.  The idea is to use simple ideas, repertoire and easy to accomplish tasks, making the challenge of learning the cello possible.

Other Resources: Ina addition to the video lessons, I will be publishing resources that will be invaluable tools to help you on your journey. These you will find on my BLOG and on the RESOURCES page of I Luv Cello. A Community Forum could also, with sufficient demand, be set up where like minded, passionate cello learners can share information, get answers and receive feedback on your posts.

Get Started Today!

All you need to do to get started learning to play the cello is to review the list of fabulous course being offered then head to the Subscription page and SIGN UP.  Payment will be made through PayPal who will send an Instant Payment Notification to us which is automatically validated and you are returned to our website to finalize the registration process and set up a member account.  Once logged in you will have access to the course material so long as your subscription is valid.

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